Probably my fourth favorite day of the year: HAPPY DONUT DAY

Hungry for donuts? Oh, you're not? Well, it's a good thing I'm here to get you in the mood. All these pictures are taken from…
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joeythunder Jun 06, 2014

Alaskan Photo Journal #2

Just a few more photos of our trip that I found last night nothing too crazy but just a few "before dinner" pictures, random stray…
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joeythunder Jun 05, 2014
Morning warm ups are always an adventure.pic

My Top 5 inspirational Books For Unleashing Your Creativity & Happiness!

Over the past few months I have been on the hunt to find that one book to jolt my creativity, hoping it would help me…
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joeythunder Jun 02, 2014

Alaskan photo journal #1

I was recently fortunate enough to go on an Alaskan cruise (Holland America Line) with my lovely girlfriend, Paige Crawford. It was a week long…
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joeythunder Jun 01, 2014

The Cab Releases New EP, Lock Me Up!

It has been over 24 hours since the release of our EP, Lock Me Up, and I am very grateful to be part of this…
joeythunder Apr 30, 2014
The Cab Has Some BIG News For YOU!pic

The Cab Has Some BIG News For YOU!

It has been over one year since we have done anything epic publicly, and all of that is about to change. Stay tuned everyday at…
joeythunder Apr 17, 2014

What It Means To Take Musical Risks

Musical risk. It's something that is slowly being lost amongst the younger musicians. Improvisation might be the main factor in "musical risk" and might arguably…
joeythunder Feb 18, 2014

Santa Pictures (Gone Wrong)

Nothing says "Merry Christmas!" more than photos of little children cherishing the moment they get to meet the big bearded man who brings them so…
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joeythunder Dec 18, 2013
Doodle on everything.pic

Ten sweaters we could all wear at Thanksgiving dinner

Only a few more days till its turkey dinner time (unfortunately not for you Canada, sorry)! I dunno about yo guys but I enjoy dressing…
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joeythunder Nov 26, 2013

In support of No Shave November

For those of you who are not aware: No Shave November or "Movember" is to raise awareness for men's health issues (prostate cancer, etc). If…
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joeythunder Nov 25, 2013
Feeling cranky? Studies show that playing with kittens raises overall happiness.pic
Little warm up mock up art for Sick Puppies.pic
The keys to happiness.pic
Elephant fun! Or if you're a Hobbit, Oliphauntpic
I hope everyone is ready for Pokemon this Saturday..pic

WIN Passes To A Charmed Life Event Feat. The Cab, We The Kings & More

Hello fellow Buzzreaderz! This coming Monday October 7th marks an exciting event in downtown Los Angeles called "A Charmed Life" at BoxEight studios. It's going to…
joeythunder Oct 03, 2013

The many expressions of--

It's that time again- yep. The time of a lightly humorus GIF post - Ever heard of X Factor? It's kind of like American Idol but…
joeythunder Sep 26, 2013
Should have told me this 40 minutes ago? Thanks Steeeeeve.pic
My celeb crush... Sweet lady Cozette! BuzznetPhotoADaypic
Never was a fan of 11:11. Long live 12:12.pic
BuzznetPhotoADay good ol' Pilot. Man's best fran.pic
In my natural habitat.pic
The power of meow compels you, demon.pic
Check us meowt. Ian Crawford and myself getting down.pic
Car rides with skywalker the dog.pic
Good hangs with skywalkerthedog.pic

Joeythunder's Photo Stream

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joeythunder Aug 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Andrew Garfield, You Sexy Web Slinging Babe!

In honor of Andrew Garfield's Birthday today and his great accomplishment of being such a fantastic Peter Parker, I shall reward thee with epic GIFs. But…
joeythunder Aug 20, 2013
joeythunder Aug 17, 2013

The Best 'One Direction: This Is Us' Gifs

As many would expect I am going through quite the gif phase of my social media life. In search to quench my gif-hunger I just…
joeythunder Aug 16, 2013

4 Impressive Artists On The Rise To Look Out For!

Hey Music Fans,  Here are four artists I feel are on the rise that YOU should check out and keep an eye out for!   Lisa Scinta Why isn't…
joeythunder Aug 09, 2013
1 weight loss tip. It's been proven by scientists stuffpic

#1 weight loss tip. It's been proven by scientists & stuff

I'm on day one of this program. I'll let you know how it works out. 
joeythunder Aug 05, 2013
The Dillinger Escape Plan too brutal for mankind.vid

Celebs Can Be Geeks Too

Smash hit pop culture celebs goin' to Comic Con to support their Smash hit rolls!? YES, nerds are almost super cool now! My highschool-self is…
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joeythunder Jul 30, 2013

In honor of National Cheesecake Day

I would like to share the Guinness World Rechords for the BIGGEST cheesecake ever!    In January 2009 chef Miguel Angel Quezada created the biggest cheesecake of all time…
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joeythunder Jul 30, 2013

The Greatest Bands Of All Time Meow Edition

You think you know your music history right meow? You think you know some of the biggest albums to influence mainstream meow culture? Think again meow. More For…
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joeythunder Jul 26, 2013

Top 4 Music Videos Of 2013 You Haven't Seen

More than halfway through 2013, hundreds and hundreds of artists have released their singles thus far within the year, which in turn means their videos…
joeythunder Jul 17, 2013

Trends That Give You A Sparkle In Your Eye All While Keeping You Cool

It's summer in the Land of Buzz! I'm being super trendy this Summer with two neccesities that I am willing to share with you. The greatest Summer…
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joeythunder Jul 03, 2013

Best (And Hottest) Day Ever: Joey Attends Warped Tour 2013

I was lucky enough to be in Las Vegas the same time as my peeps Alex DeLeon, Dave Briggs and Paige Crawford during Warped Tour…
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joeythunder Jul 02, 2013

How to survive a swim day

Here is a little photo journal of how I survived a swim day. Some key elements to the minor success:  1. Big hat. 2. Staying hydrated while…
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joeythunder Jun 12, 2013

Five necessities for surviving Warped Tour

Woke up this morning realizing that it's June 10th. Warped Tour 2013 starts in five days and now that I am out of hibernation I…
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joeythunder Jun 10, 2013

Four Things You Probably Didn't Know About Star Wars

In honor of today being Star Wars Day, May 4th, I have decided to create a gallery with some fun facts you probably don't know…
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joeythunder May 04, 2013
Happy Iron-Man eve! Here is a little video of the good ol' days.vid

Happy Iron-Man eve! Here is a little video of the good ol' days.

In thought of Iron Man and his long lasting career as one of the Earth's most valuable saviors. Here is a little somethin' somethin' from…
joeythunder May 02, 2013
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