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The Cab Releases New EP, Lock Me Up!

joeythunder Apr 30, 2014

It has been over 24 hours since the release of our EP, Lock Me Up, and I am very grateful to be part of this experience. Our feedback from the EP this far has been excellent.

Feel free to check out our music and let us know what you think! Thank you for your patience and loyalty, we are truly grateful.

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What It Means To Take Musical Risks

joeythunder Feb 18, 2014

Musical risk. It's something that is slowly being lost amongst the younger musicians. Improvisation might be the main factor in "musical risk" and might arguably be one of the uttermost important factors for keeping things interesting for the artist and for the audience. There are so many acts on the road right now that have every bit of their performance scripted, and I’m not talking about lights, or the dance moves, no, that is understandable. I’m talking about being too busy walking back and forth in their "lanes" on stage, too busy keeping their back turned from the drummer so they can make eye contact and smile at the crowd, keeping in mind that not every song might actually sound the same live, you might need to play less or even play more to fill frequency gaps, etc. Maybe I'm too passionate as a bassist? Maybe I'm a selfish musician, meaning I play music because it makes me happy, I play music because it CHALLENGES me. There is not a morning I wake up and I'm content as a bassist. So what do I do? PRACTICE. (WITH.A.METRONOME). I'm posting these three bands to (hopefully) inspire you young musicians out there. If music theory doesn’t interest you, at least learn your shapes, learn your modes, bass players learn the way your drummer plays, learn what it means to be on the beat, behind the beat, ahead of the beat, etc. and if you don’t wanna learn these things... well. jeez. 

These three videos are great examples of musicians who love what they do and know how to get the job done. Study these videos, observe how the artists all watch one another, how they know when to take musical risks and when to let the song float it's own course. When to swap tones to fill in frequency gaps and all the while watching their dynamics. 

I suppose I'm just trying to remind all of you to stay hungry, and WANT to practice with your fellow bandmates. Because it's those band rehearsals that are going to give you the confidence and the understanding to properly groove with your mates.

Have fun and rock on! 





WIN Passes To A Charmed Life Event Feat. The Cab, We The Kings & More

joeythunder Oct 03, 2013

Hello fellow Buzzreaderz!

This coming Monday October 7th marks an exciting event in downtown Los Angeles called "A Charmed Life" at BoxEight studios. It's going to be a great event, with fashion presentations, gifting, primp & pamper station, catering & cocktails and wouldn't you know it there are going to be some musical guests! The band I play bass in The Cab will be performing and other acts We The Kings, Betty Who and Hot Chelle Rae. The party is being hosted by Taylor Spreitler and sponsored by Lily White & As U Wish. Now the fun little part is I have 2 guest list spots to give away for you & a friend to attend.


Must me 21+ & live in the Los Angeles area.That's it! I will be picking TWO lucky winners to attend with a friend. Keep the TWEETS coming until Tomorrow Friday October 4th and Buzznet will notify you that you won via email!

The many expressions of--

joeythunder Sep 26, 2013

It's that time again- yep. The time of a lightly humorus GIF post - Ever heard of X Factor? It's kind of like American Idol but that's not the awesome part - the awesome part is that Britney Spears makes amazing faces. So enjoy this little  "GIST" (GIF + post= GIST? It's still in the works) And expect more to follow. 


Happy Birthday Andrew Garfield, You Sexy Web Slinging Babe!

joeythunder Aug 20, 2013

In honor of Andrew Garfield's Birthday today and his great accomplishment of being such a fantastic Peter Parker, I shall reward thee with epic GIFs.

But before I get there let me get out some bottled excitement: From everything I have heard about The Amazing Spiderman 2 it is sounding amazing.

Electro is going to blow your mind! The fight scenes WILL be amazing and something unlike you have ever seen before. From all of the rumors about a possible Venom movie FINALLY becoming a reality and how Jim Carrey was spotted on set of the upcoming Spidey movie, my imagination and theories are running wild. I am so stoked for the future of this series!

 Are You A Spiderman Fan?

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joeythunder Aug 17, 2013

The Best 'One Direction: This Is Us' Gifs

joeythunder Aug 16, 2013

As many would expect I am going through quite the gif phase of my social media life. In search to quench my gif-hunger I just so happened to run across these One Directions gifs from their upcoming film, One Direction This Is Us. After some internet snooping I have come to a few discoveries: I love how passionate One Direction's fan base is, as a fellow artist in the industry it's rare to see such a strong, passionate fan base and not to forget… look at this gif quality! This is some grade-a gif makin' I tell yah. 

 Who's excited for One Direction: This Is Us?!

Check out more GIFs HERE.

4 Impressive Artists On The Rise To Look Out For!

joeythunder Aug 09, 2013

Hey Music Fans, 

Here are four artists I feel are on the rise that YOU should check out and keep an eye out for!


Lisa Scinta

Why isn't she already on top 40? She sings everything so darn well. People of all sorts love her youtube videos, love her style, love her. I don't see what's going on here?! Every single cover she does is great, always fun to see how she rearranges the songs especially the dynamics to fit her voice and the setting (her bathroom) and again, just raw talent. I love it, opens up the computer, turns on the mic and camera and just goes for it. I know she's working on some new music, make sure to keep eyes and ears open! 




First off... I am not bias that they are covering The Cab's song "Bad." Seriously, I just love the harmonies they do! The falsettos are sweet, good dynamics, great lil guitar work, these dudes rule.


Julia Martin

For just one lil woman, with zero production while singing into her computer, You're going to be very pleased with the raw confidence and talent you hear. Her song choices are also very good, and different from what I would expect. Maybe it's just me but I would like to hear some Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. Maybe it's her vibrato that popped the idea in my head? Maybe it's the peaking laptop mic that makes me want to hear her cover some Jack White? I like what she's doing, I would love to hear more videos from her. Sure you'll enjoy it.


Drew Jacobs

Makes me want to get married just so it can be played at the wedding.

SO what do you think of these incredible artists?

If you like them show them some love on youtube or here:

Lisa Scinta


Julia Martin

Drew Jacobs


It's my birthday month & here is how I feel about that, told in gif-format.

joeythunder Aug 07, 2013


Top 4 Music Videos Of 2013 You Haven't Seen

joeythunder Jul 17, 2013

More than halfway through 2013, hundreds and hundreds of artists have released their singles thus far within the year, which in turn means their videos (or lack of?) have followed. It's easy to get stuck watching videos where the artists are programed to "move your arms and hands out like your giving an elephant a hug during the choruses and in the verses keep it conservative, sing with your eyes" shpeal. But seriously, where is the message in that? Where is the story of your lyrics being told? Cool you still have fancy cars, glad we get to see em, but honestly. Where is the creativity, where are the risks?

Nonetheless- even though the age of music videos has been over for some time now artists still must bring something visual to the table and with that, I am here to show you ONLY four videos that I am sure you might have missed out on within the year 2013 thus far. These videos will not only strike you lyrically from song content, but visually they will speak louder than any Lambo you'll see in a video.       

Rob Zombie

'Dead City Radio And The New Gods Of Supertown'

The visuals, the lyrics, the music, everything is a perfect image of one man's vision and it's damn entertaining. He has something to say in this song and it's a damn freak show to watch. Rock and roll.    

Black Sabbath

'God Is Dead?'


Let me start by talking about the album… WOW. Toni IoomiGeezer Butler and Ozzy Osbourne on the same album again? What the heck. Oh wait, who's on drums to complete the lineup? How about Brad Wilk from Rage Against The Machine. This whole album is amazing. Mind blowing. Jaw shattering. The grooves, the lyrics, everything is superb and this music video does their single so much justice! Dark, depressing, justice at that. It keeps true to their roots with a really sweet industrial art inspiration behind it all. Keeps it dark, keeps it Black Sabbath.    

Dillinger Escape Plan 

'One Of Us Is The Killer'


This is already a very lyrically driven song, with a music video that seems like a vivid nightmare we all had after dissecting frogs in biology class; it took me a few play throughs for it all to  soak in, but I think that is half of the (gory) glory with it. Makes you want to watch it again and again because you will miss little things that set such an interesting tone of the video as a whole. This video is nothing short of entertaining, very abstract, very gruesome, very cut throat (Hehe) and goes so well with such emotionally driven lyrics coming from a very in your face, smash it up, takin' names and chewing bubble gum, kind of band. Don't know what I'm talking about? Watch the Video.      

Queens of the Stone Age


Last and my personal favorite for so many reasons, is this video which is part of a "short film" from multiple songs off of their same album, all connected, all telling a very real, very depressing story (or that's how I interrupted it). For one, the art within the video(s) are all done by a personal favorite of mine, Boneface. Whom is an English artist. The animation of the videos and how well they fit over the songs makes your eyes water happy tears. The detail is so unreal. I have watched these videos probably 50 or so times, even muted it a dozen or so times that way I can really focus on the art. I HIGHLY recommend you to watch the "short film" on it's very powerful to watch. It's very easy to relate with; all of your senses will be please. Yes all of them. Not only is this the best QOTSA album in my opinion but the videos themselves are the best music videos I've seen in a long time.   

Miley Cyrus twerking is a close second…

What video was your favorite?


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